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What do the scholars and muftis of the mighty Shariah say regarding this matter what is the belief of the Ahlus-Sunnah in regard to the Arsh and Kurs of Allah (Most High)?
Zoheeb (26/04/2017) see more
What is the Islamic ruling about a person who insults the Holy Prophet ( ) by saying he is dead and to visit him in Masjid Nabawi is shirk?
Tahira Asif (26/04/2017) see more
In the book Aqaaid of the Muslim it is stated:Clearly Allah is everywhere in the Heavens and the Earth.I have learnt that we should believe that:Allh Exists without a place.Can you please clarify?
Farhan Khan (26/04/2017) see more
Is wearing a taweez (amulet) around your neck allowed?
Yasmin Rasul (26/04/2017) see more
Please provide me with some proofs from the Holy Quran and Hadith shareef where it says we can make dua at mazaar shareefs and ask dua from the pious who have passed away? Of-course our belief being the pious have been granted ...
Ilyas (26/04/2017) see more
Fate Destiny and are we responsible for our own actions?
Mariyah Saeed (26/04/2017) see more
I would like to know what are the fundamental differences between Sunnism and Wahhabism?
Adeel Abrar (26/04/2017) see more
Is it possible to get a clarification of disputes in Islam that fall within shar''iah
Saad Azam (26/04/2017) see more
Aqsa Javed (26/04/2017) see more
There are 73 sects in Islam and only one is right how would one establish which is the one that is right from those that are wrong?
Iqbal Sharif (26/04/2017) see more