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What is the verdict of the Learned Scholars of the Sacred Sharah regarding the following issue upon whom is Sadaqat al-Fitr wjib (necessary) and at what age does it become necessary?
Hafsa Wahid (26/04/2017) see more
I have not paid my zakaat for a lot of years how can I pay now?
Habeeba Ahmad (26/04/2017) see more
I have lent some family members some money for example say 6000. I have not asked for any of this money back and told them to pay me when they can. Do I still have to pay zakat on this even though I have lent it?
Iqrah Hussain (26/04/2017) see more
Who shouldI give my zakat to?
Rukhsar (26/04/2017) see more
Please explain to me what the Nisaab is and how to calculate Zakah.
Sameena Arif (26/04/2017) see more
When calculating Zakah how should it be calculated? For example I got married last year in September and was given 22 tollay of gold.1. Do I calculate Zakah on the gold from the time of receiving it?2. Do I pay Zakah on all the ...
Ubaid Azam (26/04/2017) see more