New Main Prayer Hall

Posted on: 27 April 2020
Welcome to the the new look Main prayer hall, the hall has had a full renovation completing the main hall project.
Alhumdulilah , the new carpet has been fitted! The green shaded carpet, which has a tailor-made design reflects the decor of the main hall. The 100% wool material carpet was manufactured and delivered from Turkey. 
The main hall full renovation includes new energy saving LED lighting, internal dome (awaiting calligraphy), full bespoke wooden panelling, renewing our central heating boiler system along with energy efficient boilers, four new commercial air conditioning units were installed in the main prayer hall and TV screens are in the process of being fitted. 
The Mosque, internally and externally, has had CCTV cameras fitted to improve security measures, a new fire alarm system and LED flood lighting was installed around the premises for extra visibility. 
Once again may Allah (swt) reward those individuals who were involved in the project and accept their efforts. May Allah (swt) reward all those that have contributed towards this noble project and also reward those who are still supporting this blessed cause.