Weekly Gatherings & Education

Pearls Of Wisdom - Monthly event where guest Scholars are invited and deliver speeches on religious & social topics.

Gathering for brother & sisters, all welcome. Remember to attend, share & invite 

Food is also served.  [English Only Event]


Daily Dars follows Zohar Salah.

Dars e Quran- Every Monday after after Maghrib (Spring/Summer) or after Isha (Autumn/Winter).

Adult Quranic Arabic & Tajweed classes  Tuesday after Maghrib (Spring/Summer) or after Isha (Autumn/Winter).

Dars e Fiqh Class  Every Wednesday after Maghrib (Spring/Summer) or after Isha (Autumn/Winter).

Mehfil e Dhikr & Khatme Khwajagan – Every Thursday after Maghrib (Spring/Summer) or after Isha (Autumn/Winter).

Basic Arabic class - Every Saturday after Maghrib (Spring/Summer) or after Isha (Autumn/Winter).

Monthly Gayarwi Shareef  Consisting of Quranic recitation, nasheed and short Bayaan

Ladies Quran & Fiqh class - Every Tuesdays @ 11am-1pm on 1st Floor womens section 


Kids Classes

Kids Evening Madrassa  Please contact the mosque for times, admission forms & any other enquires

Kids Hifz class – Please contact the mosque for times, admission forms & any other enquires

iSyllabus for Schools - iSyllabus for Schools is a purpose designed course for ages of 5 and up to advanced level all of which is taught in English. The syllabus covers a wide spectrum of Islamic fundamentals which are compulsory for our youngsters.

Girls Saturday School - Weekend Islamic studies for teenage girls.

Weekend Islamic Scholarship - 3 year Alim course, running from August 2018. For enquires email hasan@masjidkhazra.org