*Eid al-Adha Jamaats - Fri 31st July* MEK - Butterbiggins Rd 1st Jamaat - 5:45am 2nd Jamaat -7:00am 3rd Jamaat - 8:00am 4th Jamaat - 8:30am 5th Jamaat - 9:00am 6th Jamaat - 9:30am 7th Jamaat - 10:00am MEK - 69 Albert Road 1st Jamaat - 7:15am 2nd Jamaat -7:45am 3rd Jamaat - 8:45am Guidelines and procedures will remain the same as Juma prayers. All attendees must bring their own Prayer mats, face masks, shoe bags & Wudhu facilities will remain closed

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Masjid-E-Khazra independent funeral service is now functional. For any funeral enquiries please phone the principal contact number - Click here for more info on Janaza Services


Welcome To The Masjid-E-Khazra (Glasgow) Website

The Masjid-E-Khazra congregation is made up of Sufi-Sunni muslims who belong to the main stream branch of Sunni Islam known as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jama’at which translates as  "People of the Sunnah and the Community".

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  • Eid Al adha Jamaat timings

    Eid Al adha Jamaat timings

    28 July 2020

    Click to see the Jamaat timings. Please be aware the capacity is restricted to 50 spaces for each Jamaat. Entry is on a first come first enter basis.

  • Reopening of Masjid-E-Khazra

    Reopening of Masjid-E-Khazra

    14 July 2020

    Guidance on Masjid reopening.

  • Eid Ul Fitr Announcement

    Eid Ul Fitr Announcement

    23 May 2020

    In'sha'Allah Eid Ul Fitr will be on Sunday 24th May 2020.

  • New Main Prayer Hall

    New Main Prayer Hall

    27 April 2020

    Alhumdulilah the main hall has been completed. Click here to have a look!

  • Ask The Imam

    Ask The Imam

    25 April 2020

    Alhumdulilah we have launched the "Ask the Imam" service. Mufti Sb will be available to answer any religious based questions you may have.

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